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We welcome to BLOOD.PKWHISTLE.COM. This website is made for Pakistani community only. But in the future, if we got good response from your than it will be open for worldwide. Inshaallah

The purpose of making BLOOD.PKWHISTLE.COM website is to help all of you. As you know hundreds of people die on daily bases in Pakistan, because the blood is not available in the case of emergency. The incident can happen with everyone with you and me anytime. For example you are walking along the road and suddenly you have an accident and need immediate blood, It is not easy to find the same category of blood suddenly and if even someone is ready to donate, many of them do not know about their blood group. First, find someone who is willing to give blood, and second pay lot of money to test one by one. It is very difficult task and need lot of time to do that. Therefore we make this website. So, whenever anyone need any group of blood just open BLOOD.PKWHISTLE.COM website and filter the desired blood group in your city. Many of peoples have already registered their blood groups, search suitable group, find person and contact him immediately.

So, let’s register your blood group with your name, city and phone number in our database. If you scare or have any fear, there are some videos available on the website on which you will be guided in detail. By giving blood to someone gives you freshness. You will not feel weakness. In a few weeks your body will generate new blood by the grace of Allah. Our family members not have told us, nor guide us on this issue.  If you listen/read the experts from around the globe, no one would have said the same like this how we listen from uneducated peoples.


Allah says in the Qur’an:

“Whoever saved the life of a human being, as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.”

(Quran: 23: 5)

:اللہ تعالیٰ قرآن مجید میں فرماتے ہیں

’’جس نے ایک انسان کی جان بچائی تو گویا اس نے پوری انسانیت کی جان بچائی۔‘‘

(القرآن ۲۳:۵)


Over 90 per cent of total blood transfused in Pakistan is donated by the friends and relatives of patients. Around 10-20 per cent of blood supply is still donated by professional donors. Pakistan’s annual blood transfusion requirement is approximately 1.5 million bags, with the 40 per cent of the demand being met by the public sector.

Donate blood as much as you can. Thanks